AQT-D will be deployed from the International Space Station and demonstrate water micro-propulsion technology in 2019.

This project is promoted by The University of Tokyo - Space Propulsion Laboratory.


AQUA Thruster-Demonstrator

AQT-D is the ISS-deployed 3U CubeSat for a demonstration of the water micro-propulsion system, scheduled to be launched by H-IIB rocket in 2019.

  • Mission: propulsion technology demonstration

  • Size: 3U (10 cm × 10 cm × 34 cm)

  • Wet Mass: 3.7 kg



AQUA ResIstojet propUlsion System - 1U

AQUARIUS-1U is the water micro-propulsion system installed on AQT-D. This propulsion system can be applied for life extension of an ISS-deployed CubeSat, orbit management of  constellation satellites, or several maneuvers of a deep space probe. 

  • Size: 1U

  • Number of thrusters: 5

  • Thrust: 1 - 4 mN

  • Specific impulse: 70 s

  • Power: 5 - 20 W

  • Dry mass: 0.80 kg

  • Wet mass: 1.20 kg

  • Delta-V: 60 m/s for 4 kg CubeSat



Jun Asakawa,

Principal Investigator

Project Assistant Professor

​Kazuya Yaginuma, Ph.D.

Propulsion Engineer

Project Assistant Professor

Yuichi Nakagawa

​Propulsion Engineer

Ph. D. Student

Yoshihiro Tsuruda,
Ph. D.

​Electrical Engineer

Project Assistant Lecturer

Kota Kakihara

Electrical Engineer

Ph. D. Student

Kanta Yanagida

Software Engineer

Ph. D. Student

Shuhei Matsushita

Thermal Engineer

Ph. D. Student

​Mikihiro Ikura

Software Engineer

Master Student

Yusuke Murata

Software Engineer

Master Student

Hiroyuki Koizumi, 


Accosiate Professor



  • This project is funded by "Program for Creating STart-ups from Advanced Research and Technology (START) by Japan Science and Technology Agency、and promoted with UTEC.

  • AQT-D project team would like to thank Dr. Yoshihide Aoyanagi and Mr. Takeshi Matsumoto for the development of CubeSat bus systems.

  • Part of the manufacturing and testing of AQT-D were conducted by several companies in Fukui prefecture.

  • AQT-D will use One-step Satellite Launch Services provided by Space BD Inc..



Kashiwanoha 5-1-5, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, Japan


©2019 by AQT-D Project Team

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